The Material Science and Engineering (MSE) working group (WG) is focused on the development of a comprehensive ontology to improve the understanding and application of MSE. The group’s attention is particularly on the intricate relationships between manufacturing processes, resulting microstructures, and their properties, with the overarching goal of maximizing the reliability, service life, and recyclability of materials.

Preliminary work from previous projects such as the Materials Open Laboratory, can be found under [1]

Key to the group’s efforts is the promotion of the FAIR data principles, which ensure that research data and metadata are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. To implement these principles, the group utilizes modularizable and extensible ontologies that facilitate the semantic structuring and annotation of raw, processed, and contextual data.

The MSE WG is committed to continuous improvement and regularly updates its methods and processes based on collective outcomes and advancements within the field.

Chair: Thomas Hanke :

Co-Chair: Alexandru Todor:

How to participate:

The Materials Science and Engineering WG meets on a bi-weekly basis on Thursdays 10:00-11:00 am EST (16:00-17:00 CEST)

If you are an IOF member and would like to join, please write an email to the Chairs. If you are not an IOF member, please complete a participation request to get involved.

[1] Bayerlein, B., Hanke, T., Muth, T., Riedel, J., Schilling, M., Schweizer, C., Skrotzki, B., Todor, A., Moreno Torres, B., Unger, J.F. and Völker, C., 2022. A perspective on digital knowledge representation in materials science and engineering. Advanced Engineering Materials, 24(6), p.2101176.