The Systems engineering WG is motivated by use cases including the systems engineering, system architecture, system lifecycle and model-based systems engineering. The WG is exploring the use of systems engineering domain ontologies built to adhere to a common upper ontology can enable reasoning across industrial domains during the entire system lifecycle.

The initial set of notions considered by the WG includes the following.

Developing definition for these is a work in progress and details are on the Systems engineering Slack channel. There is a teleconference every 2 weeks and the group communicates asynchronously using Slack.

  • System lifecycle, phases and workflow
  • Systems engineering items, architecture and system life cycle properties, such as flexibility and evolvability.
  • Systems engineering standards
  • MBSE languages, methodologies and models
  • Model integration and model interoperability using ontologies
IoF Systems Engineering Roadmap

Chair: Jinzhi Lu, EPFL:

Co-chair: Dimitris Kiritsis,