The Product Service System (PSS) working group (WG) aims to create a basis ontology for enhancing engineering of PSS in manufacturing, by modelling all the aspects that affect, or could affect a PSS.

In this group the understanding is that a Product Service System is a system that includes products, services, supporting networks and infrastructure, designed to be competitive, and jointly satisfy the customers’ needs and have lower environmental impact than other business models [1].

The PSS WG started its cooperation using as a basis the work done by ATB and EPFL in the scope of the two European Union (EU) projects Diversity (for ATB) and Falcon (for EPFL). The objectives of the Diversity and Falcon use cases is to provide a common reference point for starting and advancing PSS engineering in discrete manufacturing, for cooperation between the different stakeholders, in order to facilitate semantic modelling of information and increase the adaptability of software tools to the constant changing needs of the users.

As part of the IOF, the PSS WG will keep updating its material and working process from the collective results of the IOF community. Initial set of terms considered by the WG includes:

  • Product Service System
  • Service
  • Product
  • Feedback
  • Hardware
  • Process
  • Infrastructure
  • PSS Information
  • Resource
  • Software




[1] Mont, Oksana K. “Clarifying the concept of product–service system.” Journal of cleaner production 10.3 (2002): 237-245.