At present, there is still no fee to participate in IOF. However, membership is required. Please visit this page to fill out membership forms and read details about this transition. Read below for a summary.

For question about membership, please contact

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The IOF is becoming a legal entity under the Open Application Group (OAGi) standard consortium. The purpose of this is to protect IOF content users from intellectual property risk and eventually making IOF a sustaining organization with supporting resources. There is no fee for IOF membership at this time, but all IOF participants need to formally join IOF and accept the IP Policy. Therefore, please work with your organizational representative to fill out the membership forms in order to join IOF and IOF WG and access to other IOF resources.


Q: What are the licenses associated with IOF resources?

A: Because it is not clear whether IOF resources are considered documentation or code, two opensource licenses are applied to IOF resources include CC BY 4.0 and MIT License.

Q. Does IOF membership require OAGi membership?

A. Even though IOF is becoming a unit of OAGi, IOF membership is separate from OAGi membership.